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COVID-19 Letter To All Students 23/3/2020

23 March 2020

Dear FYI Student

Last night the Prime Minister announced lockdown measures around the country while the Premier of Victoria also announced the bringing forward of school closures as they approach the end of term – effective as of tomorrow.

 As a result of these announcements, and the escalating concerns around the coronavirus pandemic, in the short-term FYI Training will cancel the remaining classes for this week as well as holding no classes over the school holiday period, i.e. Tuesday 24th of March to Monday 13th of April.

It is our intention that, after the school holidays, we will resume running classes but for the time being this will be done remotely. Some rescheduling of classes may need to take place, but those impacted will be notified.  

We are currently working on ensuring that FYI Training is ready to roll out this system for the commencement of the 2nd school term, i.e. Remote classes to commence as of Tuesday the 14th of April.

Please ensure you regularly check your emails as we will be contacting you with information and updates regarding the processes associated with remote learning. The intention is to continue running classes, with your trainer still in the classroom, but all students to access these classes from home. All students will be able to see their trainer, ask questions, listen and communicate to other students just as you would in a regular classroom environment.

Over the school holidays we will schedule some training sessions regarding the remote learning for any students who may wish to attend – numbers will be limited to assist in complying with Social Distancing.

Whilst I understand that remote learning is not the same as coming into classrooms, we are attempting to make the environment as close as possible to your current studies, without actually being in the classroom.

You will play an important role going forward as each student will need to show discipline in attending these classes from home, ensuring they login on time, and participating during these classes. Each class will be recorded. So will the student’s attendance and the times they log in / log out. (No more “Traffic was bad” as an excuse as to being late).

Please note it is our intention to only continue with remote learning until we get confirmation that the current lockdown restrictions are removed. But while we are undertaking this measure I implore ALL STUDENTS to please do you best to participate and co-operate with the above measures.

Our Staff/Trainers and our students have always been FYI Training’s priority and we will continue to ensure our students get the best possible learning and education available under the circumstances.  

I would like to thank you in advance for your patience and understanding in dealing with these short-term changes.



Ned Grubisic

General Manager

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